About the Journal

Me’yar is a bi-annual, double-blind peer-reviewed research journal, published by the Department of Urdu, International Islamic University, Islamabad. It publishes research articles, review- articles, archival material and documents in all disciplines of Urdu language and literature including texts in historical, cultural and socio-political context.


Guidelines for Authors

  • Manuscripts should be typed on A4 size paper in Jameel Noori Nasta’liq font, in 14-point size.
  • The text should be saved in MS Word format.
  • Line spacing should be single.
  • Margin on top should be 1.9 inch and on right, left and bottom should be 1.7 inch.
  • It is desirable that the length of the article should be between 7000 and 10,000 words; however, the shorter articles may be accepted when justified by their exceptionally high quality.
  • Notes referred to in the text should be numbered consecutively.
  • List of Sources/ Bibliography should be typed in Roman script and attached with the main article.
  • The Manuscript should be accompanied by a cover page carrying the title of the article, author’s full name, institutional affiliation, mailing address, email address and any other information that the author may wish to provide with the article. 
  • The author is required to submit a signed declaration that the article is unpublished and has not been submitted to any other journal.
  • A plagiarism report should also be attached with the article.


Abstracts and Keywords

An abstract in English of at least 500 words should be attached along with the English translation of the title and 04 keywords.



References should be inserted as footnotes and numbered consecutively. In general, all citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed. (footnotes). A list of sources in roman script should be attached with the article.


Loanwords and Foreign Words

Words in Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish, and English should follow the transliteration scheme provided by the journal.


Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts are required to be submitted through Open Journal System (OJS) at this link:  http://irigs.iiu.edu.pk:64447/ojs/index.php/meyar/issue/current

Contributions and editorial correspondence should be addressed to the Editor, Me’yar, Department of Urdu, International Islamic University, Islamabad, H-10, Pakistan or through E‑mail at: meyar@iiu.edu.pk


Fee Policy

 Processing and Publication Charges

Department of Urdu is publishing this journal (Y Category) with the sponsorship of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan & International Islamic University, Islamabad. The following fee will be charged for peer review and publication:

  • Fee for peer review (Non-refundable): PK Rs. 5000/-
  • Fee for publication after acceptance: PK Rs. 15000/-

اشاعت اور اس سے متعلقہ کارروائی کے واجبات

شعبہ اردو، ’’معیار‘‘ (درجہ Y)ہائیر ایجوکیشن کمیشن، پاکستان اور بین الاقوامی اسلامی یونی ورسٹی، اسلام آباد کے تعاون سے شائع کر رہا ہے۔ ’’معیار‘‘ میں بھیجے گئے مقالات کی وصولی ، اشاعت یا  اس سے متعلقہ ضروری کارروائی کے لیے درج ذیل شرح سے فیس مقرر کی گئی ہے۔

  • مقالہ کی جانچ Peer Reviewer                       PK Rs. 5000/- (ناقابل واپسی)
  • منظوری کے بعد مقالہ کے اشاعت کی فیس             PK Rs. 15000/-



Abstracting and Indexation of Me’yar

Articles and book reviews published in Me’yar are indexed in Isharia Urdu Jaraid and Tehqeeqat, A research Indexing System.




Publication of material in the journal means that the author assigns copyright to Me’yar including the rights to electronic publishing. However, authors may use their material in other publications acknowledging Me’yar as the original place of publication. Requests by third parties for permission to reprint should be addressed to the Editor, Me’yar.



The Editor reserves the right to copy-edit and make necessary alterations in the material contributed for publication, if required.



Responsibility for the accuracy of the stated facts rests solely with the authors. Opinions expressed in Me’yar are those of the authors and not necessarily endorsed by the Editor. Authors are themselves responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyright material from other sources.


Contact Information

The Editor

Me’yar, Department of Urdu,

International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Ph: +92 (51) 9019705, +92 (51) 9019506

Email: meyar@iiu.edu.pk