Editorial Policy

The Journal of Contemporary Poetics (JCP) publishes articles with a particular focus on literature and linguistics but in view of the growing scope of the humanities towards more interdisciplinary areas such as cultural studies, the Journal is committed to publishing exploratory research articles that demonstrate original research in the above areas of study, and that are globally accessible. 

Articles are only accepted after a rigorous process of review and editing according to standard international policies of peer-review to ensure high quality content and scientific accreditation. To this end, every  article is also subjected to plagiarism checks in keeping with the core ethical values upheld by the JCP. Nevertheless, the content of the articles, including opinions, facts, figures, statements and citations, is the sole responsibility of the authors. The JCP adheres to COPE’s policy regarding the best editorial practices, specified here: WWW.PUBLICATIONETHICS.ORG.

The JCP is owned and published by the English Department of International Islamic University Islamabad. Although it is an open-access journal, the publisher reserves the privilege to edit, print and distribute any article submitted. An article is accepted on the understanding that it has not been submitted elsewhere for publication. In a case where it has been submitted for consideration elsewhere, this information should be promptly disclosed to the JCP

For the peer-review process and ethical guidelines, please see the relevant details and links below. 

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