Aḥmad Rażā Khān's Oeuvre

A Descriptive Bibliography of 200 of His Published Works

  • Imad Jafar Visiting Faculty, Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan.
Keywords: Hanafism, South Asia, Sunnism, Barailvī thought, bibliography.


The Indian Ḥanafī polymath Aḥmad Rażā Khān Barailvī (d. 1340/1921)—the eponym of the “Barailvī movement” within contemporary South Asian Islam—is undoubtedly one of the most important and influential Muslim scholars of the last two hundred years. As an author, Khān was incredibly prolific, with over 670 works to his name. ‘Abd al-Mubīn Nu‘mānī, a contemporary Barailvī historian, has noted that 531 of these are original works while 148 are glosses or annotations. A little over 250 of Khan’s works have been published thus far; therefore, the bulk of his scholarship awaits editing and printing. To help shed light on Khān’s impressive scholarly legacy, I have attempted to provide a descriptive bibliography of 200 of his published writings, although there are many others.


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