Islam and Environmental Ethics

A Qur’ānic Approach

  • Md. Abu Sayem Associate Professor, Department of World Religions and Culture, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Keywords: Islamic eco-theology, environmental ethics, ‘abd, ‘adl, ākhirah, amānah, fasād, iḥsān, khalīfah, mīzān, qadar, tawḥīd.


The present paper deals with Islamic moral teachings of the environment from a Qur’ānic perspective. It attempts to correlate some familiar Qur’ānic terms with human moral responsibility towards the natural world. The paper investigates whether the Islamic view of the natural world supports the anthropocentric and bio-centric approach to environmental ethics or not. In so doing, the paper aims to present an Islamic balancing approach to the environment and show why such a unique approach is necessary to address the present environmental degradation and how it can work for environmental sustainability.

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Sayem, M. A. (2021). Islam and Environmental Ethics: A Qur’ānic Approach. ISLAMIC STUDIES, 60(2), 157-172.