Methodologies of Teaching Islamic Law (Sharī‘ah) in Law Colleges of Pakistan

  • Sami Ur Rahman Assistant Professor, Shariah Academy, International Islamic University Islamabad


The Islamic law’s application is mostly on matters concerning personal law of Muslim. Due to the very nature of legal system in Pakistan it follows, that Shari’ah legal studies is vital to be taught and included in the prospectus arrangement especially for Law students, Lawyers, Islamic Legal fraternities and all those who will or might be indulging in judiciary of Pakistan. The purpose of this paper is basically to examine the procedures of schooling, teaching and coaching Islamic law (the Shari’ah) in Law Colleges of Pakistan.  The Exam system focusses on the training procedures with reference to topics that are meant for legal theories and ideas as well as subjects that are meant for both legal theories and applied everyday aspects as practiced in the courts of Pakistan. The objective and purpose of this paper is to examine and analyze whether such practices and procedures of teaching is in line and attuned with the existing development of Shari’ah legal practice in the country. This research will basically adopt a qualitative research methodology where the research will be library based and available resources and literatures in the Universities. Finally, the paper will recommend certain upgrading advices in syllabus of Law Colleges related to the teachings of Shari’ah subjects.