Islamization of Laws: The Role of Media; from an Impediment to Facilitator

  • Ambreen Abbasi Assistant Professor in Law, Department of Law, Faculty of Shariah and Law, International Islamic University, Islamabad


Islam is one the fastest growing religion today but at the same time most criticized from different aspects of its basic tenets and code. To develop a system based on Islamic principles or governed by Shariah, many efforts are made by different Muslim countries including Pakistan. How far the success they achieved is a question of fact. In case of Pakistan the reformation of society on the tenets of Islam has consumed successive generations of Pakistani Muslims ever since the onset of Pakistan movement that till this day continues. Islimzation of laws in isolation cannot target the society at large or cannot be a comprehensive approach  unless other factors  are also made part of this process in which society needs to be educated enough not only in legal education but also basic Islamic education. To get the intended results for (social reform) reform of education whereby compulsory Islamic and basic legal education must be part of the policy along with the focus on the ways and means or methodology is a very crucial aspect in this process.