Genetically Modified Animal Food in Islamic Law: A Comparative Study

  • Muhammad Ibrahim Sa'ad Al-Naadi Associate Professor, Faculty of Shari’ah and Law, International Islamic University, Islamabad.


This article aims to examine an important modern issue, which relates to genetic modification of animal food. The contemporary world has witnessed a stunning advance in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering that led to reveal the mysteries of organism, symbols of the genetic code, and the genome of organism. Genetic engineering plays a prominent role in improving quantity and quality of foods to fulfill the food-related requirements of the ever-increasing population of the world. Furthermore, food strengthens human body and is indispensable for human life. Recent medical research shows that a significant number of diseases result from low quality foods. Therefore, an effort has been made in this research to elaborate modern issues related to genetically modified foods in light of Islamic law.


Food, Genetic Engineering, Modification, Biotechnology, Islamic law