An Analytical Study of Some Aspects of Modern Arab Theater in Egypt

  • Zakira Jahantab Lecturer, Faculty of Arabic, International Islamic University, Islamabad.


This study deals with the development of modern Arab theater. Egypt played a leading role in the emergence of modern Arab theater. The study focuses on important pioneers of this genre of modern Arabic literature in Egypt to the second decade of the twentieth century. Egypt played an important role in continuation and progress of modern Arab theater, because it enjoyed political and intellectual freedom. The Egyptian playwrights generated a fruitful Arab theater movement whose influence reached the neighboring Arab countries beyond the borders of Egypt. The present article discusses some technical aspects of modern Arab theater in light of following Egyptian plays:1) Waṭanī‘Akkā by ‘Abd al-Raḥmān al-Sharqāwī; 2) Sha‘b Allāhal-Mukhtār by‘Alī Aḥmad Bākathīr; 3) Maqhā’l-Ḥurriyyah by Jamāl‘Umar; 4) Muḥākamatal-Aswad al-‘Anasī  by Najīb al-Kaylānī.



Arabic Literature, Egypt, Dialogue, Narrative, Characters, Theater