Students’ Attitude towards Reading in English at Dalian University of Technology, China

  • Muhammad Farshad Central China Normal Univeristy, Wuhan
  • Uzma Murad Panhwar University of Sindh
  • Sakina Jumani Iqra University
  • Saddam Sassi Central China Normal Univeristy, Wuhan


The study was set to know, analyze, and finally realize the students’ attitude towards reading, specifically their attitude toward reading in the English language (L2). To find out the students’ attitudes towards reading was the main aim of the study. The participants’ general attitudes towards reading and their reading preferences were investigated through a survey based on a descriptive research design. From the population of 1200 Graduate (Masters/M.Phil.) students, a sample of 641 were selected using random sampling. The data collected by the questionnaire were analyzed by SPSS Statistics 20 program using mean, median, standard deviation, Cronbach’s alpha, and graphical representation. The survey shows that the students of the Dalian University of Technology had healthy reading habits and they had a positive attitude towards reading. Also, it was found that students' reading habits had a significant impact on students' academic performance. Later, the results were discussed. Finally, this study put forward some suggestions to cultivate the reading habits and attitudes of college students and improve their language level. A few of those suggestions are; the teachers should encourage students in participating in reading activities; Parents should promote reading culture at home; the school administration/library should provide all the required materials for reading; Lastly, the students should take reading as a hobby.

Keywords: Reading Attitudes, Academic Performance, Reading Preferences