Determinants of Occupational Stress among Secondary Teachers in Public and Private Sector Schools

  • Nazir Haider Shah Department of Education, University of Kotli, AJ&K
  • Mahek Arshad Bilquis Postgraduate College for Women PAF, Nur Khan, RWP
  • Nadia Nazir Department of Education, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad


In recent years there has been an increased rate of awareness about occupational stress and its effects on work competencies. The teaching profession is one of the sensitive profession on which the future of any country depends. As far as Pakistan is concerned teachers and teaching both are unfortunately not enjoying very good and healthy social and financial status. Thus, the study was designed to examine the determinants of occupational stress among secondary school teachers. The main objectives of the study were: to examine the occupational stress of teachers teaching at public and private secondary schools and to identify the reasons for occupational stress among teachers of secondary schools. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers selected descriptive research design. Population of the study included all public and private sector school teachers. The sample size was comprised of one hundred teachers (50 male and 50 female) through a stratified random sampling technique. David Fontana Professional Life Stress inventory (1989) and inventory used in UCU Health and Safety by John Bamford was adapted. Data were analyzed through mean, standard deviation, percentages, and t-test. Findings of the study revealed that private school teachers have a significantly higher level of professional life stress as compared to the teachers of public schools, a job is the primary cause of occupational stress, and teachers were not satisfied with their role in schools which is one of the determinants of stress. It is recommended that the administration of a private sector school may provide a tension-free environment for teachers.

Keywords: Occupational stress, Teachers, Secondary school