Philosophical and Biological Foundation of Brain Based Learning: A Phenomenological Approach

  • Fozia Fatima Assistant Professor, Department of Health Professions Education, National University of Medical Sciences, PWD Campus, Islamabad
  • Sabir Ali Deputy Registrar Academic, University of Baltistan, Sakrdu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan


This investigation was undertaken to look at the philosophical and biological foundation of brain based learning through phenomenological approach. Subjective method of investigation was used. Interviews were taken through semi-structures procedure in which 12 instructors were involved as a sample. Two topics of the examination were assessed and it was discovered that authenticity, optimism, realism, dualism, naturalism, cognizant and oblivious part of cerebrum and constructivism were straightforwardly related with brain oriented learning approach. Correspondingly, Brain is not organically comprehended by the educator completely in light of the fact because cerebrum discovery is tranquil as a young ground of teaching learning process. Instructor have been rehearsing cerebrum based adapting normally yet they are not ready to express a reasonable balanced for their activity yet the educators still practice the mind based adapting adequately.

Keywords:  Brain-Based Learning, Philosophical and Biological Foundation, Phenomenological Study