Development of TOSRA (Test of Science Related Attitudes) Instrument for Science Related Attitude Studies in Sindh Province

  • Zohra Khatoon University of Sindh


This study aims to explore the implementation of attitude measurement tool known as Test of Science-Related Attitudes (TOSRA) in Sindh. 1097 higher-secondary level students from Hyderabad division of Sindh participated in the study. The alpha reliability values of different scale of TOSRA were analysed and enhanced to acceptable and good level using statistical techniques. The alpha coefficients for adapted TOSRA scales were observed as; Social Implications of Science (0.707), Adoption of Scientific Attitudes (0.801), Classroom Enjoyment (0.779), Leisure Interest in Science (0.767) and Career Interest in Science (0.701). The overall alpha coefficient for adopted (five-scale) TOSRA questionnaire administered in this study was 0.912. Similarly, the values of discriminant validity of the scales were deduced using correlation techniques for these scales where mean correlation between the scales ranged from 0.49 to 0.57. The adopted version of TOSRA was developed based on the statistical analyses including Cronbach alpha, Pearson’s correlation, and factor analysis, and showed sufficient validity and reliability to be implemented in subsequent research to measure students’ attitude towards science in province of Sindh, Pakistan.

Keywords: Attitude towards Science, TOSRA, Instrument development, Science Education, Higher secondary students