Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions about Stakeholders’ Attitude towards Non-assessed Subjects by Punjab Examination Commission

  • Zaib Nisa Hazara university


This study investigates the elementary teachers’ perceptions about stakeholders’ (parents, heads, students) attitude towards subjects not assessed by Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) in public elementary schools. The study focuses on the quantitative research method and survey research design. The study includes population of 254 elementary public schools of Sialkot. However, the researchers have chosen only 95 public elementary schools of Tehsil Sialkot as the target population. Likewise, the study has focused only 48 public elementary schools of Tehsil Sialkot as sample for this research using simple random technique. Similarly, the study deploys Self-tailored questionnaires for data collection. The study has analyzed the collected data on the theoretical framework of the descriptive (Mean, Frequency), inferential (t test), and p value.  The study concluded that the respondents’ attitude towards non-assessed subjects in public elementary schools Sialkot has been at a low level. The study recommends that government must revise teachers’ evaluation policy, which is only based on students’ scores. The study suggests that the teachers’ evaluation criteria must be broadened in order to and some other factors may also be considered while evaluating teachers.

Keywords: Stakeholders’ attitude, teachers’ perception, Punjab Examination Commission, non-assessed subjects