Analysis of Students’ Satisfaction on Quality Education at Government Colleges in Lahore Division

  • Alia Sadiq daughter


Quality education is the most important and considered as a pivot for progress to uplift the lives of a nation. The success of the educational institutions relies not only on quality education but also on the satisfaction of students. This study aims to explore the relationship between quality education and student satisfaction and difference regarding demographic variables at college level in Lahore Division. All the students from 80 government degree colleges of Lahore division were the population of this study. The study was descriptive in nature and has followed correlational research design. By using simple random sampling technique forty government degree colleges (50% of the population) were selected as sample by adopting lottery method. Self-constructed questionnaires for students “Quality Education Assessment Scale” and “Student Satisfaction Assessment Scale” were the instruments of this study. Appropriate statistical analysis techniques were used on the collected data. Product Moment Correlation Co-efficient were used for determining quality education and student satisfaction. Independent sample t-test was applied to find the difference between demographic variables. Results of the study indicated that quality education exits in colleges according to students. There was moderate significant correlation between two variables (r=.625, p<.05) of the quality education and the students’ satisfaction. As compared to male students, the female students’ had perceived more satisfaction towards students’ satisfaction. Both intermediate and bachelor students’ had perceived almost same level regarding students’ satisfaction.

Keywords: Quality Education, Student Satisfaction