Media Helps in Reinforcing Gender Ideologies: Discourse Analysis, a Changing Perspective

  • Muqaddas Inayat Department of English, NUML


With the development of modern technologies, the world has become the global village. One of the most important technologies is media technology that has made our lives easier. It comes under the fastest means of communication. One of the major issues is how media helps in creating gender ideologies. The present study analyses the representation of men and women in a cartoon movie “Toy Story 3”. The objectives and significance of study reveal the rationale behind this topic. From the very childhood we have observed this thing that patriarchal ideology has kept men and women in traditional gender roles. The research question for this study is that how cartoon movie Toy Story 3 is used as a tool to create gender ideologies. This study comes under the heading of discourse analysis as discourse seems incomplete without gender, like how discourse is used as an important tool to depict gender. This research paper focuses on the representation of male and female in media and to carry out the research feminist critical discourse analysis is used as a method to support the analysis.

Author Biography

Muqaddas Inayat, Department of English, NUML