• Muhammad Ajmal AIOU
  • Sophia Tabassum AIOU
  • Javaria Hussain AIOU


The study analyzed the mechanism of student support services of Allama Iqbal Open University and the Virtual University of Pakistan The objectives of the study were, to analyze student support mechanism at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU)Pakistan and Virtual
University(VU) of Pakistan and to compare the student support mechanism of both universities. The population of study was the students and sample comprised of 200 students from each university. The study was delimited to the students of Campus Rawalp indi/ Islamabad, Virtual University and Regional office Islamabad, Allama Iqbal Open University and session 2015-16.To achieve the objectives of study one questionnaire was developed for the students of both Universities, consisting of seven parts i.e. Admissions, Book delivery, Study centers/tutorials/laboratories, Guidance and counseling, Call center, University official website and Examination. Questionnaire was based on five point Likert scale and open ended questions. Data was collected through questionnaire from respondents of AIOU and VU of Pakistan. The data was collected through the questionnaire was tabulated and analyzed through calculating the percentage, mean score and t-test. The findings of the study have led the researchers to recommend that AIOU and VU should go for correspondence, online and blended distance learning (face to face and online learning). AIOU should provide computer labs to its students and introduce online learning system as it‟s the need of current era. VU should not rely solely on online video and lectures but should arrange regular workshops for students and face to face tutor tutorial meetings in every semester, Modern communication facilities like toll free phones, voice e-mail or auto answer should be provided at AIOU and VU
campuses, both universities should establish Student Association and provide platform to students. In Assignments there should be given specific and encouraging remarks to ensure the improvement on part of the students.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Ajmal, AIOU
Associate Professor, Department of Distance Education
Sophia Tabassum, AIOU
Student, Masters of Education
Javaria Hussain, AIOU
Internee, Department of Distance Education


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