The Degree of Relationships and Differences Among Level of ICT Utilization in Instruction and Lectures’ Demographic Factors in Selected Universities of Pakistan

  • Shahbaz Ahmad University of Lahore, Sub-Campus, Sargodha


The ICT (Information & Communications Technology) utilization in instruction among university and college lecturers is gaining prominence in many countries in the world, including Pakistan, for the purpose of globalization and enhancing the quality of instruction and learning.  The purpose of the study was to examine the benefits of ICT utilization, the extent of success factors, problems and constraints encountered in ICT utilization in instruction among lecturers in universities of Islamabad. A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was used to find out the level and extent of ICT utilization in universities of Islamabad. The sample from the study consisted of 260 lecturers drawn from the 14 universities of Islamabad. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics such as Pearson correlation, and chi square. Results of the study showed that there were significant relationships among the 14 areas of ICT utilization, significant relationships between ICT utilization and lecturers’ characteristics, and significant relationships between ICT utilization and university demography. There were positive correlations between ICT utilization and some demographics such as lecturers’ age, working experience, experience in computer use, frequency of ICT use, computer use at home, ICT training duration, extent of ICT knowledge, awareness of ICT and ICT written / published in university. The findings of this study could be used for improving instruction among lecturers and for designing a training model for instruction among lecturers in the pursuit of enhancing excellence and quality of education in universities.  This study was subjected to several limitations that include online assessment, incorporating audio video conferencing tools, giving more sophistication to educational management software. 

Author Biography

Shahbaz Ahmad, University of Lahore, Sub-Campus, Sargodha

Assistant Professor, Department of Education