A Study of Evaluation Methods of Teaching Practice of Distance Teacher Education Institutions

  • Fouzia Younas Punjab University Lahore


This study was aimed to investigate evaluation methods of teaching practice of distance teacher education institutions in Pakistan. Major objectives of the study were: to examine the evaluation methods of teaching practice used in distance teacher education institutions; to analyze the effectiveness of teaching practice at distance teacher education institutions; and to find out the problems/weaknesses in evaluation of teaching practice in these institutions. The population was consisted of all the supervisors of distance teacher education institution offering teacher education programmes. Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad in Pakistan is example of distance education. Two questionnaires were developed on the basis of related literature for prospective teachers and supervisors to get the responses. The data were collected by administering the validated questionnaires. Randomly 200 respondents were selected. The data were analyzed and interpreted by using percentages and two-way chi-square square techniques. Inferred results were discussed and reported. The major conclusions of the study were that the prospective teachers of distance teacher education institutions are not very satisfied with the duration of teaching practice. Some of the recommendations are that there is a need to put in place a continuous system of monitoring and evaluation of teaching practice including observations of prospective teachers for distance teacher education institutions. The time period of teaching practice may be increased. Self-evaluation of prospective teachers may be included in the evaluation of teaching practice.

Author Biography

Fouzia Younas, Punjab University Lahore

Assistant Professor IER