Challenges and Responses of Higher Education institutions to align higher Education with COVID-19 Realities: A Thematic Analysis

  • Sajid Ali Yousuf Zai NUML
  • Aisha Shams Akhunzada FJWU Rawalpindi


The world is in the fright condition and facing the threat of COVID-19 and Pakistan is not an exceptional in this situation. By the decision of National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), all the universities and institutions were closed for formal academic activities and starting online classes from March, 2020. This was an astounding paradigm for the regular students of the institutions as well as for the faculty. Hence, this study has been conceded to find out what the faculty and students got what they lost individually and scholastically and what are their suggestions for the improvement and uniformity of the online learning system throughout the
country. The purpose of this study was to explore the role of HEC during COVID-19 to implement the immediate online learning and its impact on students learning. This research was based on qualitative research in which data were collected from the literature available online. Various contemporary articles, papers, reports, blogs, newspaper reports as well official reports and news were carried out into consideration for this study. However, the thematic method was used for categorization of the main themes from the literature related to the views of the students and faculty and the role of HEC in the improvement of the online teaching-learning process in Pakistan. Recommendations for the improvement of online teaching and learning system were proposed in
the light of current pandemic situation. 

Author Biographies

Sajid Ali Yousuf Zai, NUML

Assistant Professor, Department of Education,

Aisha Shams Akhunzada, FJWU Rawalpindi

Ph.D. Student, Department of Education