Students’ Future in the Virtual Sphere: Necessity of Personal, Social and Global Citizenship Education at Elementary Level

  • Hafiz Kosar
  • Najam ul Kashif


School education serves as ladder and the students of today are leaders of future. Future of the generations is in clutches of virtual sphere. Pakistan, being a developing country is also working to meet the challenges of the world and pace with it. From class 1 to 8, the subject of Social Studies is taught as a compulsory subject to teach personal, social and citizenship Education to Pakistani students. Presented study was designed to highlight the dire need of aforementioned education in bridging the virtual sphere as well as to identify how much Personal, Social and global citizenship is conceptualized through the curriculum of Social Studies and what more is required to add up. To achieve the aim of the study, documental analysis of the social studies curriculum and textbooks was done. Each level book was analyzed according to the set parameters given by OXFAM (2015) and UNESCO (2015) Guides for Schools. The findings revealed textbooks need to improve some areas.

Author Biographies

Hafiz Kosar

Ph. D Scholar Department of Education, IUB

Najam ul Kashif

Assistant Professor Department of Education, IUB