Causes of and Solutions to the Challenges in fair Assessment in Semester System at Public Universities of the Punjab, Pakistan

  • Muhammad Pervaiz
  • Muhammad Sarwar
  • Ashfaque Ahmad Shah


The purpose of this study was to identify the challenges to fair assessment in semester examination system, their causes and the solutions. One hundred and forty-four (144) university teachers were interviewed and 48 focus group discussions were conducted among the BS students in six public universities of the Punjab (Pakistan). The data were analyzed through thematic analysis technique. Findings of the study revealed that, in order to judge novice teachers’ competence in assessment, universities did not ask for a professional teaching certification. Most of the university teachers appeared to be in need of having more competence in developing question papers and using different assessment techniques. Moreover, there was no proper mechanism of conduction and inservice training for the enhancement of teachers’ essential skills for the fair assessment of students’ learning outcomes. The course outlines were not covered completely within the stipulated time. Additionally, the university teachers had to perform multiple departmental duties, beside their teaching activities, compelling them compromises their classes. By force of circumstance, they teach and assess selective parts of the course outlines. The respondents suggested the development of a proper training mechanism for university teachers to make them capable of doing fair assessment and provision of required resources. 

Author Biographies

Muhammad Pervaiz

Ph. D Scholar Department of Education, UoS

Muhammad Sarwar

Professor Department of Education, UoS

Ashfaque Ahmad Shah

Assistant Professor Department of Education, UoS