An Examination of Open and Distance Learning Support System using Data Analytics: A Case Study of AIOU

  • Muhammad Zafar Iqbal AIOU
  • Kamran Mir AIOU
  • Safia Janjua AIOU


This research paper was aimed to explore the trends in Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) open and distance learning support system (ODLSS). The study was quantitative in its approach and descriptive research design was adopted. Data were collected through Google data analytics software. In this research the data of ODLSS for four years were included from 2016-2019. To explore the trends in ODLSS the data were collected on number of visitors, visitors by time, city, country, technology, screen resolution, and language used. It was found that over the time period AIOU students increased in accessing the ODLSS using mobiles through android and windows sets. They mostly used chrome to access the website. At present no mobile APP has been developed by AIOU for the mobile users. So, it was recommended that AIOU should develop a mobile application for android users so that students may get information easily anywhere.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, AIOU

Lecturer, Department of Education

Kamran Mir, AIOU

Assistant Director, Information Technology

Safia Janjua, AIOU

M. Phil Scholar, Department of Education