Journey towards E-Learning in Pakistan: A Systematic Review

  • Nabia Luqman Siddiquei Beacon House National University, Pakistan
  • Ruhi Khalid Beacon House National University, Pakistan


The 21st century has witnessed the advent of Information and communication technology (ICT) as an imperative medium of education to refurbish education by means of efficient, effective and latest way i.e. e-learning. The intention of introducing e-learning in modern world is to open innovation vistas of learning in education and replacing face to face traditional classrooms. Consequently, researches are becoming progressively more interested to observe the proliferation of e-learning across the country. This review intends to present information of the various findings regarding cumulative research work in the domain of e-learning so far. Reviews of nearly 70 articles published in electronic journals in Pakistan and are recognized by HEC during the time period of 2010-2019. The analysis of documented researches reveal that majority of the research literature related to e-learning during early 2010 to late 2014 were primarily focused on computer usage, implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and adoption of e-learning models using research designs such as descriptive, survey and mixed method research whereas the trend shifted towards distance education and e-learning after this time period. The literature review witnessed many researches during 2015 and 2016 after the growing interest of students towards this mode of education. However, the researchers have started giving immense importance to e-learning as the researches begin to publish in social sciences literature in Pakistan during 2017. As far as 2018-2019 is concerned, the relevance and reliance on e-learning have augmented as compared to past because e-learning has broadened its roots and scope whereas researchers show continued interest in this field.

Author Biographies

Nabia Luqman Siddiquei, Beacon House National University, Pakistan

Ph.D. Scholar

Ruhi Khalid, Beacon House National University, Pakistan