Aim and Scope

The aim of the Research journal is to promote research activities and provide original, relevant, and timely information in different fields of distance education and e-learning. Its focus is on the use of the latest media/ technologies in distance learning and the implementation and integration of new technologies in different fields. It publishes research articles, notes, review essays, archives, documents, profiles, seminar proceedings, and book reviews in all disciplines of Distance Education and E-Learning. Moreover, the articles related to philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology, culture, civilization, language, literature, history, architecture, political science, science, and technology with the focus on Distance Education and E-Learning are also published in it.

Scope includes but is not limited to the fields of: -

Distance Education                                                        Web-Based Learning

Blended Learning                                                            Teacher’s Support Programmers

Learning Strategies                                                       Emerging Trends in Pedagogy

Literacy through Media                                                  Mobile Learning

Virtual Learning                                                              Simulations and Modelling

Marketing                                                                         Dual Mode of Learning

Quality Education                                                            Learning in Virtual World

E-Learning Systems                                                        Distance Learning

Educational Games                                                         Evaluation Technologies

Flipped Classroom                                                           Teaching-Learning Relationships

Instructional Design                                                       Learning Management System

Learning Resource Deployment                                   E-Learning

MOOC                                                                                Multi-Agent Educational Systems

 Learning and Teaching Activities                                 Pedagogical Issues

Situated Learning                                                            Social Networking Technologies

Technological Approaches                                             Virtual World